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We teach a variety of power yoga classes in our studios and welcome all skill levels of students. Every pose taught in class can be modified to your own physical ability. If the pose calls for touching your toes and that is not a possibility yet, then you go to your shins or your knees – the important part is that you are challenging your edge, wherever that edge is. Breathe, move and have fun. If you are doing that, then you are doing the class perfectly.

You can access our yoga class schedule and other class information by going to our Class Schedule page. You can also sign-up for the classes online or simply drop in without pre-registering. In the event of a full class, preference will be given to those students pre-registering online.


In order to create a positive yoga environment for everyone, when attending classes at our studio please note the following etiquette:

    • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins to sign-in and get set up in the studio. The studio will open approximately 15 minutes prior to each class.
    • Please place your shoes and other personal belongings in the cubbies provided in the front part of the studio. There is also storage inside the practice area for purses and other valuables. No shoes are allowed in the practice area.
    • The front door to the studio will be locked once class starts. If for some reason you are unable to get to class on time, please call the studio to let us know you are coming. If you arrive late and the front door is already locked, please knock and someone will let you in.
    • We do not practice “noble silence” in our yoga studio. Talking in the practice area is fine and we encourage you to meet your fellow classmates.
    • You are welcome to borrow one of our yoga mats. Please clean it after practice using the spray bottle and rags provided and hang it to dry on the hooks in the props room.