About Power Yoga

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga guru Baron Baptiste with Move Your Hyde owner Missy

Power Yoga guru Baron Baptiste with Move Your Hyde owner Missy

Power yoga is a vigorous style of flowing yoga, mixing long holds with faster movement. The power yoga we teach at our studio is based on Baron Baptiste’s Power Vinyasa Yoga. All our classes are warm – the studio is heated from 85 to 90 degrees (F). The heat is ideal for shaping and stretching muscles. You will notice how your body and movements become much more fluid in a heated studio.

We teach a variety of power yoga classes in our studio. Though all of the classes are challenging, we offer different levels of difficulty for every class. Each pose taught in the studio can be modified to fit your body shape and fitness level. Props are available to use and we encourage you to use them. You are welcome to scale up or down as needed during the practice, the important thing is that you are challenging yourself.  As you progress through your yoga practice, the postures will evolve and adapt with you.

Power yoga is great as a stand alone workout or as a supplement to your existing fitness regiment. Power yoga works both your large and small muscles and creates balance and power throughout your body. Come in and see how good you feel when you breathe, move and create space for something new.

Visit our Class Info page to learn more about our different classes. Also, go to our Gallery of Yoga Poses to see some of the yoga postures taught in our classes.

Questions about Power Yoga? Try our Power Yoga FAQ page or email us [email protected]. Also, please visit our Podcasts page for podcasts and other media related to power yoga.