Welcome to Move Your Hyde Power Yoga where we are dedicated to bringing Power Yoga to Cincinnati. Along with the many benefits that yoga brings, Power Yoga helps you strengthen your muscles and get fit. Our classes are challenging but fun and accessible to all levels of students. To learn more about this exciting style of yoga and see some of the poses taught at our studio, please visit our About Power Yoga page.


New Student Special! New students to the studio can purchase 1 week of unlimited yoga for $15, the cost of one class. On your first visit, simply arrive at the studio 10 minutes early to complete our registration form and purchase the special. To save a few minutes, you can also download and bring the completed registration form with you. Downtown Unlimited Yoga Special. Get 30 days of unlimited yoga for $79 at our downtown location in the historic Cincinnati Athletic Club. (Not valid at Hyde Park location.) Purchase online or at the studio.


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Get our yoga podcasts on iTunes.Listen to us now on iTunes! You can now start downloading Move Your Hyde yoga classes on iTunes. The podcasts are FREE. Available now are our Power Basics class, Power Hour class, and Power Flow 75 class. Click here to subscribe to our podcasts and keep Moving Your Hyde even when you can’t make it to the studio.

Move Your Hyde is now Greener! Did you know that a significant portion of the energy used to heat the studio during our hot yoga classes is generated by an electric supplemental heater in the studio’s ductwork? We are delighted to announce that the studio is now using 100% green electric service supplied by Cincinnati Bell Energy (CBE). CBE purchases their electricity from local wind farms plugged into Duke Energy’s transmission grid. By purchasing our electricity from CBE, we are directly compensating these wind farms and using green energy to make you sweat.

GreenPowerPartnerMarkBecause of our level of commitment to green energy, the Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Move Your Hyde as renewable energy leader and named us an EPA Green Power Partner.  As an EPA Green Power Partner, we are accelerating the development of new renewable energy capacity nationwide and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about wind power as a source of electricity and to sign up for this service for your home or business, please visit www.cincinnatibell.com/energy

Got Stinky Mat? Try giving it a UV bath. We are happy to announce the installation of a MatSana UV mat cleaner in our studio – the first one in Ohio! This environmentally friendly mat cleaner kills 99.9% of organisms that may be living on your yoga mat in one pass. Check out the video of how the MatSana works or read the MatSana FAQ’s for more info.

Trying to lose weight? Power Yoga tones muscles, increasing metabolism, and because of the flowing yoga poses, burns calories faster than other types of yoga. Use our Yoga Calorie Calculator to estimate the calories burned when taking one of our classes. Also check out our research Does Sweating Burn Calories? where we strapped a heart rate monitor on a volunteer and measured how many calories were burned in our yoga classes.

Questions about Power Yoga? Check out our Power Yoga FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions. Also, feel free to email your questions to us at yoga@moveyourhyde.com.