MatSana FAQ

How much does it cost to use the Matsana?
It is free for Move Your Hyde students.

Will Matsana kill mat-odor?
Yes. Mat odors are caused by pungent smelling, sulfur compounds in the waste excreted by bacteria. When you rid the mat of the bacteria excreting the waste, you also get rid of the smell. Germicidal UV-C light requires line-of-sight to be effective, so if your mat has not been cleaned for some time, it is possible for target organisms to be shielded by layers of crud. For Matsana to be most effective in maintaining your mat in a fresh condition, it may be necessary to first give a good cleaning to heavily soiled or neglected mats.

Does Matsana leave anything on my mat?
No. Unlike sprays, wipes, or oils, that sometimes use toxic chemicals, bleach or other active liquids, Matsana is a dry process and leaves no residue. And unlike some mats with undisclosed, embedded germicidal agents, you may place your face on your Matsana – sanitized mat with absolute confidence and peace of mind.

Do UV-C wands do the same thing as Matsana?
No. UV-C wands, by design, are to be used by untrained consumers in uncontrolled environments, and, for safety, the power of the lamps is severely limited. Waving around an underpowered hand-held device is no match for the controlled process and sheer power of Matsana. Your mat passes through Matsana’s enclosed, high-intensity, UV-C light chamber at a regulated rate of exposure and ensures that every square inch of your mat, on both sides, receives a powerful and effective dose of germicidal UV-C light.

Is the Matsana light harmful to me?
No. The radiant energy that does the work in Matsana is contained, out of sight, in the light chamber of the machine. The thin line of visible light when one looks directly down at the top of the machine (Don’t!) is reflected light and is extremely low energy. Measured on a radiometer, the light energy from the thin line registers about the same as indirect daylight lighting coming from windows.

How “Green” is Matsana?
Very. Matsana is made entirely in the US, primarily from aluminum, the most plentiful metal in the earth’s crust. Aluminum is also very easy to recycle and commands high prices from aluminum producers, ensuring that little, if any, finds its way to landfills. The plastic front cover is made from ABS and the arm from stainless steel, both, again, sought after and easily recycled materials. The lamps are recycled by the same facilities that recycle fluorescent lamps. Matsana is designed and built for the long haul and once delivered to a studio, ends the cycle of diesel-powered, greenhouse gas-producing, shipping and restocking of heavy, liquid, mat cleaning agents. It also helps to halt the endless production and disposal of plastic bottles for those liquids and the disposable wipes and their packaging that end up in landfills.